MountainWest RubyConf 2008

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Conference Schedule

Presenter(s) Title Time
Evan Phoenix Strengthening the Ruby Ecosystem Part I: Rubinius 28-Mar-08 09:00
Ezra Zygmuntowicz Strengthening the Ruby Ecosystem Part II: Merb 28-Mar-08 10:30
Giles Bowkett Code Generation: The Safety Scissors Of Metaprogramming 28-Mar-08 13:00
Yehuda Katz Faster, Better ORM with DataMapper 28-Mar-08 14:00
Jonathan Younger Using Amazon's Web Services from Ruby 28-Mar-08 15:00
Various Speakers Lightning Talks 28-Mar-08 16:00
Jeremy McAnally Deep Ruby 28-Mar-08 19:00
Joe O'Brien Domain Specific Languages: Molding Ruby 28-Mar-08 20:00
Devlin Daley Enough statistics so that Zed won't yell at you 29-Mar-08 09:30
Jan Lehnardt Next Generation Data Storage with CouchDB 29-Mar-08 10:30
Patrick Farley Ruby Internals 29-Mar-08 13:00
Tammer Saleh BDD with Shoulda 29-Mar-08 14:00
Phillipe Hanrigou What to do when Mongrel stops responding... 29-Mar-08 15:00
Various Speakers Lightning Talks 29-Mar-08 16:00
Jim Weirich Shaving with Occam 29-Mar-08 20:00

Presenters retain full rights to the content of their presentations, and have released them under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.